Digital agencies provide a wide range of services. All agencies do not provide all types of digital services. The type of services provided by a particular digital agency depends on its expertise and specialty. Following is a list of some common services provided by digital agencies.

SEO – Search engine optimisation service is provided by all digital agencies. It is the most important aspect of any digital marketing campaign. A website that appears higher in search engine ranking receives high level of traffic.

Social Media Optimisation – A digital agency helps optimise a company’s presence on different types of social media websites. It establishes the framework for social media marketing campaigns. Its team can help prepare text, photo and video contents for posting on social networking sites.

Online Marketing – It covers different types of services used to market, promote and advertise. Direct advertisement placed on websites is the most prominent aspect of an online marketing campaign. This type of campaign also covers SEO, SEM, social media marketing, pay per click ads, email newsletters, and others.

Website Design and Development – Large digital agencies offer both online marketing and website development services. They help build, manage and upgrade websites.

Software Development – A few digital agencies offer software development services as well. It is a highly skilled and specialised field. Only old and experienced digital agencies offer this service. It is important to know the type of programming languages in which the software development is needed. All digital agencies may not provide software development in all programming languages.

Ecommerce – Some digital agencies offer ecommerce website development services as well. This type of website is used to sell products or services. It is a complex job that is handled by many professionals including the website developer, web designer and software developer.

Online Reputation Management – This service has become necessary due to high levels of news misinformation and manipulation on the Internet. Anyone can post anything from anywhere on the Internet. It is difficult to get such contents removed from the websites. A digital agency uses a variety of techniques to get such contents lowered in the search engine rankings. This service is useful for professionals, businesses and organisations that want to protect their reputation.

Mobile Application Development – It has become necessary to offer information and services through a mobile app because now most people receive their information through a smartphone. A mobile app helps gather different types of data about the users. This data is useful in improving the service quality.

Digital agencies provide many other services as well. They offer custom solutions after taking account a client’s specific needs, budget and industry.