One stop to handle all your post finishing


Grading is more than balancing hues, matching or imparting looks. One of the most powerful post tools, the color session avails the filmmaker opportunity to deepen meaning, impart narrative subtlety and add finishing polishes that elevate difficult projects to professional production value. Projects are graded in a fully calibrated five-seat Davinci Resolve driven DLP theater (up to 4k).

Creative Edits

We love to cut! Our editorial approach is to act as co-conspirator to fulfill a director’s vision–on time, and on budget.


Attention to detail and puzzle solving skill make the difference between a good and bad online conform and finish. We guide projects all the way thru QC.


We cut through the technospeak, output to all required formats, deliver for every spec, and can fulfill that long list of deliverables, so you can stop worrying and love the distributor. We do HD masters, DCPs, digital deliveries, standards conversions for foreign elements, DVD/Blu-Rays, tape dupes, QC reports, closed captions, subtitles..


We treat projects their our baby. That caring, maternal attention to detail means we are personally invested as we  automagically support each project’s unique requirements with built-in post supervision.


From removing scripted bruises to improving hunchbacks, our select talent excels at digital repairs for those on set hiccups. We also do visual effects creating full moons, lightning storms, gunshots, three-eye homunculi, exploding zeppelins, etc.

Motion Design

Our artists create dazzling main title sequences and motion design intensives for trailers, promos and features. We also do boring end crawls that don’t flicker.

Audio Post

Through our sister facility, Alan Audio Works, we offer a full range of high quality audio post from foley to final mix.