Owners of both new and established businesses realise that they cannot afford to ignore the importance of their website as well as digital initiatives such as communicating and marketing platforms to connect with their target market and customers. However, these businesses face a challenge when searching for the right service provider for their web designing, development, and online marketing services. A brief online search will provide details of thousands of such service providers, not all of them capable of providing services that they claim. Even a teenager, armed with the correct software can design a website nowadays, typically unprofessional ones. Owners of online businesses, serious about being successful online need the help of a digital agency, that delivers professional services for the technical and creative development of products sold through the internet.

What do these professionals provide?
These professionals offer general services such as web design, micro sites, logo design, and email marketing to specialised services such as customised system integration services, seo for your shopify store, responsive web design (websites that render properly on all devices, irrespective of the size of their display unit), social media marketing, development of web applications, ecommerce, and content management systems. Responsive web design is extremely important nowadays, considering that more than 75% of individuals depend on their smartphones to connect to the internet on the move to purchase products and services.


What makes the digital agency stand apart?
Unlike traditional marketing and advertising agencies, digital agencies provide certain kinds of web complimentary offline services like graphic design, icon design, as well as logo design. It would be wrong to compare the digital agency with traditional agencies, as the latter focus more on traditional advertising media and channels such as print and television, rather than the internet. Owners of many businesses still depend on traditional agencies as they believe that they have more knowledge about marketing than digital agencies. This is a mistake. There is no doubt that digital agencies do not have the decades of experience of traditional agencies, the industry that the former specialises in is so new that only a handful of companies have in depth knowledge about it. It would be wrong to write off traditional agencies as they also have a huge role to play in marketing and promoting the brand image of a company, one should not forget that most digital agencies evolved from traditional agencies, hence, they have the knowledge to provide both services.

Why opt for a digital agency
Advertising on the internet is a different ball game from the traditional methods of marketing. A business cannot expand and promote their services and products worldwide through conventional marketing. Apart from this, internet advertising provides interactivity between the business and the client in a manner not possible for print and television advertising. The digital agency is responsible for designing websites that are easy to navigate and grab the attention of the visitor immediately. This is very important considering that average customers do not wait for more than a few seconds on a website. If they do not find what they want within that duration, they will browse over to a different website offering similar products and services. If you want your website to be successful, seek the services of a professional digital agency today.

Businesses We Have Worked With
Lowe Air:
Proudly offering a free, no obligation quote as standard and having serviced Melbourne’s Eastern Suburbs for years; our team at Lowe Air enjoy nothing more than looking after the wants and needs of our customers. We specialise in all things air conditioning; from repairs and general maintenance, right through to part replacement and everything in between. There’s not much that we don’t understand about air conditioners and that’s why we’ve quickly become one of the most prominent AC specialists in the region.

Tundra Mortgage Brokers:
Finding the right type of mortgage for your needs can be quite a challenge and that’s why here at Tundra Mortgage Brokers, we prioritise helping our clients to connect with the ideal loan. Whether you’re a new home buyer, an investor, if you wish to refinance your existing mortgage, or simply want to see what your income might allow you to borrow – we are here to help. Our specialists are on hand to offer advice, support and guidance to a range of individuals; and we work with reliable lenders across Melbourne to help you to choose the most beneficial loan before applying for financing