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Dir: Gabriela Cowperthwaite
DP: Jonathan Ingalls

Color + Titles + Mastering
Versioning + Deliverables
Post Supervison

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Dirty Girl

Dir: Abe Sylvia
DP: Steve Gainer
Edit: Jonathan Lucas

Visual Effects + Titles

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Area Q

Dir: Gerson Sanginitto
DP: Carina Sanginitto

Dailies + Editing + Titles
Mastering + Post Supervison

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White Camelias

Dir: Russell Brown
DP: Alexandre Naufel

Color Grading + Mastering
Titles + Post Supervison

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The Details

Dir: Jacob Aaron Estes
DP: Sharone Meir

Visual Effects

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The Trouble With Cali

Dir: Paul Sorvino
DP: Ruben Russ

Post Supervision

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5th & Alameda

Dir: Richard Friedman
DP: Kevin Atkinson
Edit: Julie Antepli

Color + Post Supervision
Titles+ Mastering

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Sinatra Club

Dir: James Quattrochi
DP: Jeff Baustert

Editing + Color + Titles
Post Supervision + Mastering

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Meeting Andrei Tarkovsky

Dir & DP: Dmitri Trakovksy

Color + Post Supervision + Mastering

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Suicide Dolls

Dir: Keith Shaw
DP: Keith Smith

Color + Titles + Mastering

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Heidi Fleiss:
The Would-Be Madam of Crystal

Dir: Fenton Bailey, Randy Barbato
Editor: Langdon Page

Color + Mastering + Titles
Visual Effects + Post Supervision

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Dir: Matt Oates
DP: Paul Marschall

Dailies + Editing
Mastering + Post Supervision

Solventdreams is a creative studio that offers forward-thinking, talent-driven, next generation post solutions for filmmakers, ad agencies and studios.

We facilitate time-sensitive, cost-effective outcomes that maximize creative control and realize your creative vision.


In the modern world of professional media, post production is nothing like it was 5 years ago, 1 year ago, or even 1 month ago. Solventdreams is ahead of that curve, no matter what your project entails, no matter what your budget–thus, unorthodox name and environment. They are the future.

Mark DziakProducerIMDB

In a town full of soulless post-production facilities which will treat you like a part in an assembly line, Solventdreams stands our like an oasis. The whole process of editing my feature there was a great pleasure. The staff was always available, incredibly supportive, and possessed a rare blend of technical know-how and creativity which always led to solutions to each problem–technical or aesthetic. My next project will post with them. I highly recommend them!

Laurence DaveyWriter, DirectorIMDB

The talent at Solventdreams are the rare breed who naturally combine technical expertise with the creative, resulting in beautifully edited and posted films and TV shows that look amazing but are completed on time and on budget. Hire without any hesitation.  They’re that good!

Martha AdamsProducerIMDB

After being in labor for one year with my baby (film), Solventdreams expertly and delicately brought it into the world and made me a very proud father! With their knowledge, skill, and bedside manner, I will definitely trust them with my future projects of passion. What a rare pleasure to find the combination of skill, knowledge, passion,and caring in one unique & calming environment. Solventdreams approaches every project with creativity & intellect resulting in work your worst critic (you) will be proud of. Did I mention how well they work with the fiscally challenged?

Richard BermanProducer, DirectorIMDB

I have worked an known David Davidson and Solventdreams for over 15 years and relish the thought of working with him again. As a Post Supervisor, David brings his everyday skills to an extremely complex position. He is supremely organized, conscientious and unlike many of today’s Post Supervisors, he is extremely knowledgeable in all technical and creative aspects of the post process. It is always helpful for a Post Sup to understand the entire process of filmmaking and the demands network delivery in order to make difficult judgment calls that appease all parties while keeping the standard of production at its highest level. Having worked with David on feature films as well as reality series, he is accomplished at ingestion formats, ratios, graphics and lower thirds, outputs, uploads, script reconciling, music and music rights and overall work flows. His team is consistently professional and knowledgeable and I believe that David’s motto “of doing it right the first time as to not spending time and money to fix a problem” is something that I agree with and one that winds up saving enough financial and scheduling resources.

I wholeheartedly recommend him and could not ask for a better, more congenial and professional in his field of expertise.

Philippe DenhamProducer / Show RunnerIMDB

I have hired David and Solventdreams to handle post-production on four complex projects involving everything from digitizing and logging source tapes to color grading and final mastering. He has never let me down, despite crushing deadlines and last-minute changes. It may say something that when I once had a multimillion dollar high-end project crash and burn at a large, well-known local facility, I took the job to Solventdreams and suddenly everything became much, much easier. I highly recommend him, not least for his competence and breath of knowledge, but also for his basic human decency.

Kurt SayengaProducer, DirectorIMDB

David owns and operates a post production facility, Solventdreams as well as serving as a top knotch post production supervisor. Before I go on about his expertise, I must first say that David is a peaceful, reasonable and balanced presence in a media world gone mad. As a post production supervisor, David is highly skilled – his vision in seeing a project through to completion is extraordinary as well as his honesty in the overall expectation of how a project’s work flow will play out in reality. With David at the reigns you are in great hands. Our series was expertly delivered in both SD and HD formats – all the while under really harsh and unreasonable circumstances that this business can be be capable of – David delivered in all of the necessary formats but with a sense of stability and peace to boot. Without question he is at the top of my list to be hired again.

Phil Paul CallProducerIMDB

August Home Publishing – producers of the PBS show, the Woodsmith Shop – have worked with David and his team at Solventdreams for 7 years. David is a consummate professional and is always willing to lend a helping hand. In many cases, he has spent hours of his time helping us to solve issues that were not a part of the original scope of the project…and in most cases, we never saw a bill for that additional work. His skill and experience far exceeds that of anyone else I’ve worked with, and we sincerely appreciate the time and energy that he spends to make the show a lasting success. If you’re someone who needs help with your video and multimedia efforts, you’d be well served by talking with David. He’s kind, helpful, respectful and knowledgeable…a class act in every way. We’re so thankful to have had him on our team for so many years and hope to do business with him again.

Brian VanHeuverswynElectronic Media Director at August Home PublishingPBS’s Woodsmith Shop